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Thorough Examination (Loler)

Work equipment must receive a Thorough Examination at least once a year. However, examinations could be required more often depending on your type of truck. We are fully qualified | Accredited | Up-to-date to undertake your Thorough Examination needs. Call now and book in!

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states:

"Thorough examination of industrial lift trucks is required under health and safety law: LOLER 1998, which covers lifting equipment, and PUWER 1998, which deals with all other safety-related items, such as brakes, steering and tyres. Your regular inspections as part of a preventive maintenance scheme or scheduled service are not a thorough examination."


With many years of experience in the industry we are confident we will get you back up and running as quickly as possible! We aim to carry out 95% of all repair/breakdown work on customer premises keeping your costs down!


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